Anonymous asked:

Can you explain the effects Alison had on Aria and Spencer, other than dragging them into the lying and -A crap, because I haven't seen anything really. I mean with Hanna, Alison majorly f**ked her self-esteem and her physical health. And Emily, she stomped on her heart with steel cleats on. I honestly think that deep down Aria and Spencer really hate her..

prettylittleliarsxxxx answered:

Well, I’d like to say that I think Alison set her sights on four girls who were all very damaged and broken to begin with and she knew it. She picked them because she knew they’d be easier to manipulate and shape into the perfect followers. I think self-esteem wise, they were all very down in the dumps - Spencer & Aria were simply less obvious. We really only saw a lot of internalized self-loathing. 

We hear from Spencer in 5x01 that she wouldn’t want to be who she was before A. Because all she cared about was winning, and straight A’s and pleasing her parents. She was stressed to the core and felt like she had the weight of the world (or really, her future) on her shoulders and she was cracking under the pressure. She knew how disappointed her parents would be if she didn’t win being President of the Student Council. We even see how disappointed Melissa & Mrs. Hastings is when Spencer reveals she didn’t get into UPenn. All she wants at this point is to be happy. And Alison, I think, to a degree promised her that and didn’t deliver. Spencer is also fiercely loyal and I don’t think she has it in her to keep trusting Alison when she knows exactly how much Ali lied. 

As for Aria, I think she had a lot of problems fitting in. It was less obvious than with say Hanna or Emily but I think Aria had a lot of unvocalized frustration about being different. I don’t think she truly embraced it. And then to have Alison know her family’s deepest, darkest secret? I think it was too much for Aria. I think out of everybody, she’s probably the most private person and to have somebody know that her dad was being unfaithful to her mom? With a student? And that Aria agreed to keep it a secret? That’s not a fun secret for anybody to know. Ever. And then her best friend Alison just decides to use it as blackmail - not once, but on numerous occasions. Aria arguably had the least problems when Ali picked her, but I still think she was riddled with teenaged angst.